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Cell theory ---> 1. All living things are composed of cells
2. Cells come from another cells
3.Cells are smallest unit of life
Unicellulars----->organisms of one cell (bacteria,aeomeba)
Multicellular----->organisms of more than one cell (humans, insects, animals)
(cell) work together

What must cells do to survive?
-eat -exchange gases(O2, CO2)
-reproduce/grow -waste removal
-respond to stimuli

Cellular respiration----->process where animals cell convert glucose & Oxygen to energy & carbon diozide
glucose +oxygen--->carbon dioxide+water+energy

Photosynthesis sunlight
carbon dioxide+chlorophyll--------->glucose+oxygen

Structures of the cell--->The cell is like soup in a soapy bag. Inside the cell are organelles special structure with in the cell that perform functions.

part function/description animal/plant
membrane thin outer covering that both
allows certain substances through
through & waste out

cytoplasm Jelly-like substance inside
inside membrane outside nucleus, both
contains organelles, nutrients,waste

nucleus directs functions of cell round & large both

vacuole water bubble that store water +
outer stuff both

cell wall stretchy surrounding to membrane
=) supports plant make it right plant

Chloroplast site of photosynthesis (green)
in plants plant

Centrialas tube structures, aid cell division animal (include human)

mitochondrion converts in sugar to energy been
sharped both

ribosome site of protein manufacture read,
DNA to make protein both

Endoplasmic network of membranes close
reticulum to nucleus, transports proteins,
some ribosomes attached both

Golgi transport both


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